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 Tver is a city and the administrative center of Tver Oblast,  Russia. Population: 414,606 (2015 est.). Located north of  Moscow, Tver was formerly the capital of a powerful medieval  state. The city was known as Kalinin from 1931 to 1990. Tver is  situated at the conflux of three rivers, splitting the town into  northern and southern parts by the Volga River, and then divided  up again into quarters by the Tvertsa River and the Tmaka  River.

 Tver is home to Tver State University, the most highly rated  university of the region. It is also home to the Tver State  technical university, medical, and agricultural academies and  more than twenty colleges and lyceums, branch campuses of  some Moscow higher educational institutions and more than  fifty high schools. 

 History of Tver 

How to get to the conference venue 

The conference will be held in the main building of the Tver State Technical University (nab. Afanasiya Nikitina, 22, Tver)

Position of the building: latitude - 56°51′55″N (56.865358), longitude - 35°54′53″E (35.914857)


How to get to the Tver State Technical University by public transport:

- Tram №5 (get out at the «Rechnoi vokzal» station)
- Shared taxi van - №3, 177 (any that goes to the «Rechnoi vokzal» station)
- Bus - № 114, 118, 138


Housing you can book

«Gubernator» - (from 3500 rub. for a room)
«HydePark» - (4000 rub. for a room)
«Osnabruck» - (from 4000 rub. for a room)
«Volga» - (from 3200 rub. for a room)
«Seliger» - (from 2000 rub. for a room)
«Yunost» - 8 (482) 252-69-04 (next to the TSTU) (from 1000 rub)
«Luidor» -
«Centralniy» - (from 500 rub.) 

«Kalinin» - (from 500 rub.)
«Kukuruza» - (from 650 rub.)


Visit for more options


Cafes and restaurants
Fast-food restaurant «Chicken House» -
Coffee house «Town» - ul. Volnogo Novgoroda, 15
«Moncafe» - Svobodnyy per., 22
«Bar Pinta» - Svobodnyy per., 30
«Elki Palki» - Novotorzhskaya ul., 1
«La Piazza» - Tverskaya ul., 18
«Stariy Chemodan» - Krilova ul., 22
Gastropub «Vkus i zvet» - Simeonovskaya ul., 60