V. G. Basalov, Y. A. Malykh MKNS Network Topology for High-Performance Computer
V. G. Basalov, Y. A. Malykh MKNS Network Topology for High-Performance Computer

Communication networks play a key role in parallel high-performance computers, called supercomputers, in terms of their performance and cost. Efficiency and cost of communication networks mostly depend on the network topology. In this paper, we describe the MKNS topology developed for communication networks of exascale parallel computers. We provide a comparative analysis of the basic communication characteristics of the MKNS, 4D-Torus, 6D-Torus and Fat Tree topologies, which are used to build communication networks for parallel high-performance computers.


network, high-performance computer, MKNS topology

PP. 15-26.

DOI 10.14357/20718632210302

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