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N.E. Buletova, E.M. Efimova, Е.N. Alekseeva, Т.V. Anisimova Development of a methodology for assessing the socio-economic effects of the application of an educational certificate: a risk-based approach
N.E. Buletova, E.M. Efimova, Е.N. Alekseeva, Т.V. Anisimova Development of a methodology for assessing the socio-economic effects of the application of an educational certificate: a risk-based approach

Tracking the planned and obtained results from the implementation of such a tool as an educational certificate in the higher education system is associated with the need to provide talented youth with budgetary places (winners and winners of Olympiads) and stimulate internal academic mobility, which ensures the migration of knowledge and the exchange of experience between the country's universities, taking into account the peculiarities of scientific and research and academic schools of universities associated with objective differences in the practical implementation of the professional activities of graduates. The developed methodology for assessing the socio-economic effects of using such an educational certificate is based on a risk-based approach and presents the entire cycle of calculations, a rating scale, a database that provides testing of the methodology in the monitoring system and the life cycle of this instrument for financing two processes - supporting talented youth in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation and the development of domestic academic mobility through the development of a network form of implementation of the educational program in three forms - spatial, virtual and mixed.


educational certificate, risk-based approach, socio-economic effects, academic mobility, virtual mobility.

PP. 68-81.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279220408

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