Zaychik E.M., Ikonnikova A.V., Petrova I.A., Potrjasaev S.A. "Algorithm for multi-criteria synthesis of control technologies managing information systems of virtual enterprise"

A joint definition and combined algorithm for solving two applied tasks decision were considered. The first task was connected with the problem of optimal operative distribution of control functions among elements and subsystems of virtual enterprise information system (VE IS), and the second task is interrelated with the problem of program management of VE IS and ranking its structural states.

Keywords: optimization, control, information system, virtual enterprise.


Komarova N.A., Petrovsky A.B. "Method for consistent group classification of multi-attribute objects"

The paper describes a modification of group classification method for multi-attribute objects, which are represented as multisets. New algorithms for constructing consistent group rules for an object assignment are elaborated to precise classes and search for contradictory-classified objects.

Keywords: group multi-attribute classification, consistent group rules, theory of multisets.


Levashova T.V. "Context model in intelligent decision support systems"

The paper describes an approach using a context model for the purposes of intelligent decision support. Context is represented as an ontology model. Formalism of object-oriented constraint networks is used as an ontology specification means. The formalism ensures compatibility of the ontology model for knowledge representation, the model of object-oriented constraint networks, and the model of constraint satisfaction problem. The approach presented in the paper is to generate an ontology-based problem context, so that the problem of this context models could be solved as constraint satisfaction problem. The application of the approach is illustrated by humanitarian logistics problems.

Keywords: intelligent decision support, context model, ontology, object-oriented constraint networks, constraint satisfaction problem, knowledge representation.


Petrovsky A.B., Royzenson G.V. "Interactive procedure for reduction of attribute space dimension in multicriteria classification problems"

The interactive procedure for a successive reduction of attribute space dimension is presented. This procedure allows us to simplify an ordinal classification of multicriteria alternatives and to diminish a labour-consumption for its construction.

Keywords: multicriteria classification, decision making, reduction of attribute space dimension. 


Solntseva G.N. "Decision-making and reflexivity"

The place and the mechanism of decision-making (DM) in a context of the psychological theory of activity are discussed. The analysis of functional organizations and genesis of activity has allowed to describe DM as specific formation(education) in structure of activity with function of the developed(unwrapped) conscious (reflective) regulation. Mechanism DM acts as process of formation of actual activity and  describes the process of elimination of uncertainty which source lays in the activity. DM provides mutual conformity in complete activity of such groups of variables as character of a situation, feature of motivational sphere, the characteristic of individual experience, the circuit of behaviour, individual - personal properties. 

Keywords: decision-making, uncertainty, reflexivity.


Stroev S.P. "Management of economic insolvency risk of an industrial enterprise with a complex multibranch production and technical structure"

The work deals with probabilistic models of risk assessment of an industrial enterprise economic insolvency and of anti-risk measures efficiency.

Keywords: risk assessment, uncertainty, measures efficiency.


Fedorov E.E., Yermolenko T.V. "Decision rules generation using of multisets theory in speech recognition tasks"

The decision rules generation approach for phonemes recognition and speaker identification is considered in this paper. It is based on the theory of multisets and takes account of comparative analysis results of speech recognition features efficacy. Methods, which are based on psychophysical principles of speech perception as well as on speech formation theory, were used for a speech signal acoustic characteristics retrieval.

Keywords: decision rules, theory of multisets, speech recognition, speech formation theory.


Shilov N.G. "Principles and models of ontology-oriented management of network organizations with dynamic structure"

The appearance of complex systems consisting of independent elements and having a networked structure introduces new requirements to decision support related to their management. In the paper an integrated model complex is presented for intelligent decision support in the area of management of networked organizations with dynamic structure.

Keywords: intelligent decision support, management of networked organizations, ontology.


Yakovlev K.S. "Enhancement of clinical activity for health service establishments via the optimization of the set of medical technological processes"

The work describes heuristic scheduling algorithm to optimize a set of parallel running medical technological processes. The results of the experiments are given.

Keywords: optimization, medical technological processes.


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