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Theoretical aspects of the systems analysis

Self-organization in complex systems

Mathematical methods in systems analysis and management

Methods and technologies for desition making support

Automation and management technologies

Macrosystems dynamics

Information technologies for information search and analysis

Data assimilation methods in mathematical modeling

Information technologies in science, education, medicine, economics and industry

Information security

Intelligent technologies and systems

Knowledge acquiring and representation by the intelligent systems

Audio-, video- and image recognition

Distributed and parallel computing

Distributed informational algorithmic enviroment for the scientific research

Programming automation

Equivocation and risk problems in economics

Development management in science intensive and informational technologies

Systems analysis of socio-economic processes

Modelling of demographic and economic processes

Sustainable development problems

System adjustment and management

Systems approach methodology in new informational enviroment



Science and innovative economics

Systems analysis methods

Informational technologies and the society: social dimension


Also there will be held seminars for students and the software products exhibition.