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Rybinsk - a town in the Yaroslavl region of Russia, the administrative center of the Rybinsk municipal district.

The first mention of the city belong to 1071. The population at 2010 - 200 771 people. The city is located 370 km north of Moscow, 80 km northwest of Yaroslavl, at the confluence of the Volga, Sheksna and Cheremha rivers.

Yuri Lastochkin - head of city district town of Rybinsk was elected in October 2009, a former director general of NPO "Saturn".

Historically, the Rybinsk appeared on the right bank of the Volga River at its confluence with the river Cheremha. Sharp promontory between them is called the Arrow. Billabong Sheksna - the left tributary of the Volga, as well as other areas of the left bank became part of the city only in the XX century, in connection with the rapid growth in the period of industrialization.

The city is located in the once very rich fish area. To the XVII century, the main occupation of the population are fishing. Sloboda belonged to the royal estates and fish directly delivered to the royal table in Saint Petersburg.

At the city are preserved architectural monuments of the late XVIII - early XX century. The historic city center is built mainly in the XIX - early XX century, but many buildings were rebuilt.

There is the Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University of PA Soloviev (RSATU) and 4 branches of other universities (VVAGS, MUBiNT, GIS, YAGPU) and one representative office (MGAVT).

The historical legacy of Rybinsk etched all stages of the history of the Russia. Relics of bygone eras are kept in the Rybinsk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, the museum "the Nobel and the Nobel movement", "Rybinsk Museum of Cinema." Cultural traditions are maintained, in particular, the Rybinsk Drama Theatre, Puppet Folk Art Center, icon workshop "Lick."

Rybinsk has various sightseeing tours - such as the "Capital of boatmen," "Fish Suburb," "Fun Rybinsk merchants," "Noble Manor", "Volgolag", "Rybinsk socialist." Many tourists go to Rybinsk to see the church. Among them the famous Transfiguration Cathedral, St. George's Church, the Church in honor of the Iberian icon of the Mother of God, the Church of the Holy Virgin. "Visiting card" of the city are also event-based and social events: Seeing off the Russian winter, and day of the merchant, and the Festival of Poetry and Song Memory Leo Oshanina.

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