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Travel information

There are various ways to reach the Rybinsk. The network of roads and public transport is very well developed. Within the Rybinsk all facilities (hotel, railwaystation, the body of the University) are reached within walking distance (on foot no more than 15 minutes).
You can travel by car, train, fixed-run taxi or by bus. The main transit routes pass through Yaroslavl, also there are direct path from Moscow to Rybinsk (both road and rail way).

By car:

If you are going from Moscow by track M8 (top - Yaroslavl highway) follow up of Yaroslavl, without entering the town, turn left onto the ring road and follow the signs to Rybinsk. Upon entry to Rybinsk, turn left on the ring road and go up to the second crossing. In the city you shoud drive right all the time before the railway bridge (pass over the road). Immediately after the bridge turn sharp left, continue straight until the first intersection (Pushkin street). At the intersection of the right to the street. Phillips (second intersection). At the intersection of the left and follow to Hotel Rybinsk. The trip takes about 4-5 hours. Attention on the road very often measure the speed.

By train:

You can use Moscow-Yaroslavl train to get Yaroslavl Main station (4 hour), then taxi or bus to Rybinsk (1.5 hour). Bus departs directly from the station. Bus arrives at the railway station, city of Rybinsk.

On the fixed-run taxi (comfortable bus):

You can get Rybinsk by fixed-run taxi from Moscow Shchelkovsky station. Reservations by phone, payment on the bus (in 5 hours).

By bus:

From Shchelkovsky station in Moscow direct bus to Rybinsk. (In 8 hours, going slowly, often stopping).

If you experience problems with transport Organizing Committee will always help you find a solution.
Please call +7 903 823 5727 Ilya.

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