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  • Modelling of reasoning and non-classical logic
  • Machine learning in intelligent systems and intelligent data analysis
  • Computer linguistics
  • Cognitive modelling
  • Behaviour planning and modelling
  • Intelligent robots
  • Artificial Intelligence in social and humanitarian researches
  • Intelligent education systems and environments
  • Network models in artificial intelligence
  • Fuzzy models and soft computing
  • Evolutionary modelling and genetic algorithms
  • Visual thinking modelling and cognitive graphics
  • Knowledge engineering and management, ontologies
  • Development support system for artificial intelligence
  • Multiagent systems and distributed AI
  • Intelligent web-technologies, semantic Web
  • Applied intelligent systems, dynamic intelligent systems and real-time systems
  • Intelligent decision-making and management support systems
  • Intelligent organisations and virtual communities
  • Methodological and philosophical issues of Artificial Intelligence
  • Other issues on AI