E.V. Strashnov, M.A. Torgashev, P.Yu. Timokhin Simulation of springs with soft constraints method in virtual environment systems
E.V. Strashnov, M.A. Torgashev, P.Yu. Timokhin Simulation of springs with soft constraints method in virtual environment systems


This paper considers a problem of multibody dynamics systems simulation, linked with springs of translational and rotational types. We propose approach in which an arbitrary type spring force model is described in the form of soft constraint relative to body velocities and impulse. This constraint is based on implicit Euler scheme for numerical integration of differential equations of bodies’ motion. Multibody dynamics systems simulation is implemented in real-time using sequential impulses method which allows simulating springs with any values of their parameters. Approbation of proposed algorithms and methods was carried out in training complex dynamic subsystem, developed in SRISA RAS and showed their applicability in virtual environment systems.


multibody system, stiff systems of differential equations, sequential impulses method, soft constraints, real time, training complex.

PP. 70-78.


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