A. V. Solovyev Mathematical Model of an Electronic Document of Long-Term Storage
A. V. Solovyev Mathematical Model of an Electronic Document of Long-Term Storage

The article proposes a mathematical model of an electronic document for long-term storage, which is a union of the parts of the document distinguished by the meaning - semantic blocks. The composition of semantic blocks of the upper level (macroblocks), necessary and sufficient for the organization of long-term storage, is determined. In the course of the study, a sufficiently detailed modeling of top-level macroblocks was performed: the original of an electronic document for long-term storage, as well as its normalized copy. Normalization in this study is understood as bringing the original electronic document to a single format (set of formats) of data intended for long-term storage. It is shown that the composition of the semantic blocks of an electronic document depends on its information system being created. An example of an electronic document of an electronic document management system is given and the composition of its semantic blocks is determined. In the course of further research, the author plans to present the developed mathematical models of all macroblocks of an electronic document for long-term storage.


long-term storage, document preservation, electronic document, metadata, digital data.

PP. 30-36.

DOI 10.14357/20718632220204

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