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Conference TPSA-2012

We would greatly appreciate your participation in the conference "THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SYSTEMS ANALYSIS - 2012"

Theory and Practice of Systems Analysis 2012 will be held in Rybinsk, the Yaroslavl region of Russia (16-19 May).  Rybinsk is a lively town that is a blend all stages of the history of the Russia.  As such, it is very well suited to host the TPSA conference that gathers scientists and engineers. The conference will be held at Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University.  

Research in the field of systems analysis is often at the forefront of modern science, combining the development of various disciplines.

Conference organizers:

  • Institute for systems analysis RAS
  • Rybinsk state aviation technical university


  • ­Theoretical and practical aspects of systems analysis
  • ­Systems regulation and management
  • ­Methodology and tools of systems analysis
  • ­Self-organization in complex systems
  • ­Automation and management technologies
  • ­Macrosystems
  • ­Intelligent technologies and systems
  • ­Information security
  • ­Distributed and parallel computing
  • ­Decision-making
  • ­Systems analysis and socials processes modeling
  • ­Systems analysis and economics processes modeling
  • ­Systems analysis of regional social and economics evolution

Multidisciplinary is a key feature of modern science and balanced approach to the formulation of problems and unite the scientists engaged in seemingly different issues looks like promising way to increase the depth study of the results.