V.V. Yadrincev, D.V. Zubarev, S.I. Mal'kovskij, I.A. Tikhomirov Performance comparison of server platforms in search and text analysis tasks
V.V. Yadrincev, D.V. Zubarev, S.I. Mal'kovskij, I.A. Tikhomirov Performance comparison of server platforms in search and text analysis tasks


The paper suggests a methodology for comparing the performance of server platforms. Hardware configuration, test cases and data sets are described. We present a performance comparison on two modern server platforms (IBM Power8 and Intel Xeon). Experiments demonstrate the advantage of Power8 over Intel Xeon in testing tasks, especially on the plagiarism detection.


server platforms comparison, methodology of comparison for server platforms, semantic search, plagiarism detection, large arrays of texts, IBM Power8, Intel Xeon Broadwell.

pp. 37-45


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