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Churov V.E., Arlazarov V.L., Solov'ev A.V. "Results of election. Analysis of electoral preferences"

In the article methodological approach to definition of dominant tendencies of electoral preferences on basis of statistical data is stated. Results of analysis of final reports of regional electoral commissions on basis of factor of territorial accessory voters are presented. Conclusions about far directions of researches of electoral preferences are made, and also brief description of construction of mathematical model of electoral preferences is given.

Keywords: electoral preferences, mathematical model, statistical data, regional electoral commission.


Khovansky A.G. "Polyhedrons and algebra"

Theory of polyhedrons of Newton links geometry of polyhedrons with algebraic geometry. It is  told in the article about some results of this theory.

Keywords: theory of polyhedrons of Newton, algebraic geometry.


Podrabinovich A.Ya. "About completeness of strategies of search of conclusion for set of generalized horn clauses"

In the article generalization of concept of set Horn clauses (Hn-set) is considered. Generalization is offered to strategy of entrance resolution (Gn-resolution). Completeness of Gn-resolution on Hn-set is proved.

Keywords: set Horn clauses (Hn-set), entrance resolution (Gn-resolution), сomplete-ness of Gn-resolution.


Danilenko A.Yu. "Maintenance of safe functioning of big information systems"

This article is devoted to analysis of approaches to information systems architecture and development strategy to achieve necessary level of data security.

Keywords: information systems architecture, data security.


Romanov B.L., Slobodetsky D.Ya. "Architecture of module of software interface for euphrates document manage-ment system"

In the work problem of development of program module, describing classes of objects for information system subject area, and realizing software interface (API) for interaction with them is considered. Basic purpose of such module-branch of algorithms, realizing basic operations with objects from user interface and, the very, simplification of user interface development, and also increase of system reliability. Problems are described, arising at development of user system's interface, and also way of them decision with the help appropriate organization of module interfaces.

Keywords: architecture, software interface, EUPHRATES Document Management System.


Akimova G.P., Pashkina E.V., Solov'ev A.V. "Methodology of modeling of information systems behavior under influence of catastrophic factors"

We describe methodology of modeling of large geographically distributed information systems under influence of catastrophic factors.

Keywords: stable against catastrophe, human factor, risk estimate, information sys-tem, modeling, probability, methodology, destabilizing factor. 


Bogdanov D.A., Lagaeva Yu.A., Maksimov D.A., Pliskin E.L. "A distributed document-oriented budgeting system: an office solution"

Presented in the article is an office software based solution for the distributed document-oriented financial system for the planning and execution of corporate budget. End user experience is based on MS Excel 2003 application enhanced with a VSTO 2.0 based custom program extension. This program supports data exchange between corporate headquarters (HQ) and distant regional branches by means of e-mail or an FTP. An asymmetrical document version control method is implemented which gives preference to HQ staff in changing (approving) the documents received originally from the regional branch to be returned back to the branch office. Each location makes use of a separate quarterly data base. A special procedure for aligning quarterly data is implemented where necessary for moving and copying documents between databases. This procedure accounts for integrity of linked documents in each database when the document is executed in the next quarter than the one it was originated in. Also presented in the article is an algorithm for merging changes in the documents flowing between corporate headquarters and regional locations.

Keywords: office software, distributed document-oriented system, corporate budget.


Antonova А.А., Misyurev A.V. с"Cognitive dwarf 2.0: english and russian dependency parser"

This document describes a refined version of Cognitive Dwarf parsing program, which is designed for automatic morphological and syntactic analysis of English or Russian plain text. In its present version the program includes a new parsing algorithm, an improved set of syntactic relations and a simplier output format.

Keywords: рarsing program, automatic morphological and syntactic analysis.


Slobodetsky D.Ya., Polevoy D.V. "Practical aspects of formalization of complex data objects on example of  problem of analysis of flat representation of tabulated information"

The article is devoted to the problems of building formal models for complex information objects. Tabular data representation is used as example.

Keywords: building formal models for complex information objects, tabular data rep-resentation.


Reingold L.A., Oleg A. Slavin "Transformation information resources of tenders from account in marketing"

At present legislation ed in Russia in sphere of the undertaking state and municipal bulk purchase. In these condition turns out to be claimed introducing the facilities to automations for increase the velocities and quality of the undertaking the competitive sale. Usually automation of the sale is considered in connection with account activity of the organizer and participant of the sale. However application appearing in process of the sale to information greatly broader. She can be used not only in context of the tendering, but also for decision of the other problems. Competitive information in the whole her(its) collections it is necessary to consider as new information resource, which particularities of the use are considered in article. Complex use given about mechanism of the shaping and satisfactions of requirements in goods and service capable to form the new level of the knowledges about operation social-economic system on practical and scientific level.

Keywords: automation of the sale, tender, marketing.


Tarkhanov I.A. "Theoretical model of not suppotred relational database"

In the article theoretical relational database model is considered, that becomes not supported in operation. Is considered as arising in such database problems   influence on relation scheme. Probabilistic approach for estimation of search data is offered. Search algorithm, based on this model is resulted.

Keywords: not supported relational database, estimation of search data, search algorithm.


Reingold L.A. "Repository of spatial data concerning to region management"

Developing of new informational technologies brings new types of information for management practices and also for common life. For example, spatial data technolo-gies was using exclusively by specialists some time ago but today they getting wide spread occurrence for solving practical needs. There are different sources of spatial data and they could have different accuracy, re-liability, minuteness. That’s why it’s important to implement the data which becomes a reason for taking management decisions and for monitoring which is realizing on significant objects. Regions are one of the level of public administration where processing of spatial data becomes the most relevant. The most important questions of processing spatial data on region level are represented in the article. Also are shown problems of data im-plementation and creating of Repository of spatial data is suggested as an infrastruc-ture for consolidation spatial data and semantic which belongs to it for solving cur-rent and future tasks.

Keywords: repository, spatial data, region management, information technologies.


Akimova G.P., Pashkina E.V., Solov'ev A.V. "Methodology of estimates of quality of random number and series of numbers"

We describe methodology of finding probability of number or series of numbers generated by different types of random number generator to be random at the example of lotto machine.

Keywords: casting of lots, lotto machine, series of random numbers, statistical test, probability, uniform distribution, mean of distribution, random number generator, methodology.


Fedotov A.I. "Analysis of models of construction of pension systems" 

In given article analysis of models of construction of pension systems with account of  functionality and parameters is leaded. Basic attributes of pension systems of devel-oped countries are selected.

Keywords: model of construction of pension systems, functionality, developed countries. 


Kostin A.S. "About concept of introduction erp-systems"

In given article general concept of introduction of standard Erp-System of industrial class is considered. Basic concepts of vital cycle of system behaviour are described. Processes and phases of introduction ERP-System according to methodology Oracle are resulted. The most important standards of introduction of information annexes are listed. Organization of designing of information system in accordance with state standards of Russian federation is described.

Keywords: Erp-System of industrial class, vital cycle, designing. 


Bezmaternyh P.V., Nikolaev D.P., Postnikov V.V. "Fast algorithm for handwriting detection"

In this paper a problem of handwritten fragment detection in the prescribed zone of document is examined. Detection algorithm is proposed, that simply and computa-tionally effective solves stated problem in the presence of noise of different kinds.

Keywords: handwritten fragment, document, recognition, algorithm, noise.


Gavrikov M.B., Pestryakov N.V., Uskov A.V., Farsobina V.V. "Estimation for character recognition method based on polynomial regression"

This article is devoted to one of modern exact methods of character recognition, based on regression analysis. Presence of laws in exhibiting of estimations of recog-nition is revealed.

Keywords: character recognition, polynomial regression, estimation.


Gavrikov M.B., Pestryakova N.V., Uskov A.V., Farsobina V.V. "Average raster and vector–concepts for character recognition method  based on polynomial regression"

For research of one of modern exact methods of character recognition based on poly-nomial regression, concepts of average raster and vector are entered. In the article analysis of character of recognition in context of these values is executed.

Keywords: character recognition, polynomial regression, average raster and vector.


Gavrikov M.B., Pestryakov N.V., Uskov A.V., Farsobina V.V. "Dependence of recognition accuracy and estimation from measure of discrep-ancy between bases of training and recognition"

In the article dependence of accuracy and estimation of recognition from degree of distinction between bases of training and recognition is researched. Studying is leaded for recog-nitions bases, that are received using four models of training base destruction.

Keywords: accuracy and estimation of recognition, bases of training and recognition.


Kotovich N.V. "Algorithms to clusterizations  image symbol"

In article is described algorithms to clusterizations image recognized printed symbol, used in mechanism of the adaptive recognition of the document. Will Enumerated known methods to clusterizations object. The Described algorithm of the chain un-rolling, is brought proof to his(its) capacity to work, consisting in row of the positions about randomness of the choice of the initial object to clusterizations. It Is Discussed difficulty of the algorithm of the chain unrolling and acceptance to optimization to difficulties. It Is Considered question of the choice to functions of the distance. They Are Discussed acceptance to optimization of the calculation to functions of the dis-tance, being pseudosimmetrics of Hausdorf.

Keywords: klusterizations, adaptive recognition, algorithm of the chain unrolling, functions of the distance.


Kotovich N.V., Slavin O.A. "The algorithms of the recognition font in printed documen"

Algorithms of the building font is described In article on base result recognitions printed symbol, used in mechanism of the adaptive recognition of the document. They Are Given determinations of the font, allowing build the algorithms of the rec-ognition font, by means of which is produced the most further clusterization image symbol. It Is Paid attention particularity to primary categorization image symbol, necessary font for building, using to clusterizations image symbol and use linguistical mechanism. The considered problems, in decision which can be used mechanism of searching for font.

Keywords: klusterizations, adaptive recognition.


Slavin O.A. "Multipass recognition mixed printed text on example russian-english recognition"

In article is described algorithms of the recognition printed multilingual text, consid-ered on example of the recognition russian-english document. Considered using as font-driven, so and omnifont document. Using of self-training is Paid attention on base of the clusterizations image recognized symbol and use linguistical mechanism.

Keywords: klusterizations, self-training, linguistical mechanism.


Rakhmankulov V.Z., Akhrem A.A., Gerasimov V.V., Barsegov A.A. "Multidimensional wavelet analysis of images"

Basic properties of multidimensional spaces are described in the article. Some prob-lems of multidimentional wavelet functions application to the image analysis and pat-tern recognition are considered. 

Keywords: wavelet function, image analysis, pattern recognition.


Rakhmankulov V.Z., Akhrem A.A., Barsegov A.A., Gerasimov V.V., Lebedev V.V. "Image compression using the wavelet theory for the case of images of the stamped parts"

Theoretical and practical issues of the image compression on the basis of the wavelet theory are considered in this article. The algorithm and example of image compres-sion are presented.

Keywords: wavelets, image compression.


Akhrem A.A. "Typical properties of some classes  of design models applied to complex techno-logical systems"

Typical fundamental properties of the special classes of dynamic design models are investigated in this article. For these models various algebraic and geometrical crite-ria for asymptotic stability have been proved.

Keywords: dynamic design models, asymptotic stability, linear models, differential models.


Nikolayev P.P., Karpenko S.M., Nikolaev D.P."Spectral models of color constancy: selection rules"

In this paper common principles of spectral models construction for color constancy are considered. Particularly, role of coordinate systems in spectral space is discussed. Uniqueness problem for solution of color constancy task is investigated. Finally, new class of hybrid color constancy models is suggested.

Keywords: color constancy, spectral models.


Gudkov V.Ju. "Mathematical description and identification of finger-print images"

In the work ways of description of images of fingerprints, advantages and lacks of ways are resulted, conceptual mathematical models of fingerprints. Key problems of description are selected. Methods of identification on mathematical models are resulted.

Keywords: fingerprint, identification.


Gudkov V.Ju. "Accuracy rating of automatic minutiae coding" 

This paper presents a method to estimate the accuracy of minutiae detection. Method is used to preliminary learn the algorithms of fingerprints recognition.

Keywords: fingerprint, accuracy, estimation. 


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