Mathematical models of socio-economic processes
V.V. Golubkov, S.V. Dubovsky, T.Yu. Yakovets Russian Demographic Problem: State, Modeling, External Actions
System diagnostics of socio-economic processes
Community informatics and the formation of social networking
Scientometrics and management science
Computer analysis of texts
V.V. Golubkov, S.V. Dubovsky, T.Yu. Yakovets Russian Demographic Problem: State, Modeling, External Actions


The world socio-demographic trends and the socio-demographic catastrophe in Russia are analyzed. The results of the analysis of demographic processes in Russia in the period 2013 ‑ 2033 are given. External influences on the Russian economy which affect demographic processes are considered.


world socio-demographic trends, socio-demographic forecasts, depopulation, fertility, mortality, migration, age structures, model, modeling, globalization, Kondratiev crises, development mechanisms, conflicts.

PP. 28-50.


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