V. M. Vishnevsy, A. M. Shirvnyan, N. N. Bryashko Calculation of the Required Power for the Operation of a Tethered Unmanned Platform in a Turbulent Atmosphere
V. M. Vishnevsy, A. M. Shirvnyan, N. N. Bryashko Calculation of the Required Power for the Operation of a Tethered Unmanned Platform in a Turbulent Atmosphere

The article is devoted to assessing the necessary power transmitted on board of tethered high-altitude unmanned platform, in which the power of the propulsion systems and the payload is carried out from a ground source of energy through a cable. A brief conclusion and solution of a system of differential equations is given for describing the position of the cable in space and the forces of its action on a high-altitude unmanned platform in a turbulent atmosphere. When calculating the power, the gravity of the aircraft with the payload, the effect of the cable on the unmanned platform and the resistance force of the platform to the wind were taken into account. The architecture of a system consisting of a ground station, a cable cable and an aircraft is described, as well as the results of field tests, which showed good match with the results of theoretical studies.


tethered unmanned telecommunications platform, high-power energy transmission system, system of differential equations, unmanned aerial vehicle.

DOI 10.14357/20718632200307

PP. 71-84.

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