V. L. Arlazarov, O. A. Slavin Issues of Recognition and Verification of Text Documents
V. L. Arlazarov, O. A. Slavin Issues of Recognition and Verification of Text Documents

The paper deals with the issues of using the analysis of text documents when creating systems for input and recognition of business paper documents. Two main tasks are considered: determining the type of a recognized document and its structuring. Functions are proposed that should provide decomposition and solution of these problems. The work is devoted to the conceptual issues of the analysis of the text content of the document. If the proposed scheme for using text is accepted, then the implementation of input systems may be different. That is, within the framework of the proposed concept of document analysis, various recognition algorithms and data presentation formats can be used.


document recognition, recognized word, word comparison.

PP. 55-61.

DOI 10.14357/20718632230306

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