O. Yu. Pershin, A. A. Mukhtarov, V. M. Vishnevsky, A. A. Larionov Optimal Placement of Base Stations as Part of an Integrated Design of a Wireless Network
O. Yu. Pershin, A. A. Mukhtarov, V. M. Vishnevsky, A. A. Larionov Optimal Placement of Base Stations as Part of an Integrated Design of a Wireless Network

The article discusses the topology synthesis problem as a part of the integrated design of  wireless communication networks. The main result of the paper is the development of an iterative  method for placing base stations. The base station placement problem is formulated as an extremal  problem on a finite set in the form of a special combinatorial model. The special algorithm of the  branch and bound method is presented in the paper to solve the problem. The algorithm considers the  specifics of the placement of the wireless network equipment. The method technique is proposed for  obtaining a sequence of base station placement topology. 


wireless network design, base stations placement, branch and bound, sequence solutions  construction. 

PP. 12-25.

DOI 10.14357/20718632220102 

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