V. S. Potapov, S. M. Gushansky Development of a Method for Constructing a Quantum System Using Optimization Hardware
V. S. Potapov, S. M. Gushansky Development of a Method for Constructing a Quantum System Using Optimization Hardware

The paper developed and simulated a hardware computing core, which is the main part of  the accelerator based on field-programmable logic integrated circuits with the Altera Quartus computer-aided design system. Taking into account the obtained time dependence of the number of cycles required for the impact of a single-qubit quantum gate on a quantum register on the number of qubits  and parallel arithmetic logic units in the hardware computing core, when simulating quantum computing, a method was developed to determine the estimate of the increase in hardware performance and  ways to increase the performance of the accelerator based on hardware computing core based on programmable logic integrated circuits. A comparative analysis of the methodology for optimizing the  simulation of quantum computing and mathematical modeling was also carried out. 


quantum algorithm, quantum bit, quantum circuit, entanglement, register, gate, parallelism, quantum computer. 

PP. 26-32.

DOI 10.14357/20718632220103 

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