O. A. Slavin Object Descriptors for Linking Structural Elements of Noisy Document Images
O. A. Slavin Object Descriptors for Linking Structural Elements of Noisy Document Images

The problem of extracting filling elements (fields) from a recognized image of a document with the help of descriptors - descriptions of one or more structural elements is considered. Structural elements can be words of static text and scribble lines used to shape the design of a document. Business documents with a simplified structure and a limited vocabulary are considered. Flexible business documents that allow significant modifications to the page design are considered. Descriptors are created taking into account a significant number of possible errors in document page recognition. Combined descriptors consisting of several terms and line segments are described. A binding algorithm based on descriptors is given. It is experimentally shown that the extraction of combined descriptors improves the accuracy of recognition of document fields during recognition by 17%, and the accuracy of extracting information from the document image by 16%. The SDK Smart Document Engine was used as OCR in the experiment.


virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual reality helmet, immersiveness, virtual object, heptic technologies, content.

pp. 13-24.

DOI 10.14357/20718632220402

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