A. V. Maltsev, D. V. Omelchenko Modeling of Video Surveillance Systems in 3D Scenes for Virtual Environment
A. V. Maltsev, D. V. Omelchenko Modeling of Video Surveillance Systems in 3D Scenes for Virtual Environment

The paper presents methods and approaches for simulation of controlled video surveillance complexes in virtual environment systems and training complexes on the example of a prototype simulator for landing a manned spacecraft on the lunar surface. Original solutions include principles of creating virtual models of observation and image display devices in 3D modeling system Autodesk 3ds Max, methods for operation simulation of a real camera and screen, as well as surveillance system control by means of three-dimensional virtual control panel.


virtual environment, training complex, texture, camera, screen, control scheme, moon landing.

PP. 25-34.

DOI 10.14357/20718632220403

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