I.A. Mironova, T.I.Tischenko, M.P.Frolova Problems of Public Efficiency of Regional Informatization
I.A. Mironova, T.I.Tischenko, M.P.Frolova Problems of Public Efficiency of Regional Informatization

The article is devoted to the problem of assessing social efficiency of informatization processes in the field of regional management and creating high-quality urban environment for the population and business. Procedures for estimating the cost of information systems created and operated at the expense of public funds, and the results of their introduction are proposed. To describe the results of informatization and compare them with the costs, unified templates and rules for filling them in have been developed. On the basis of such templates, it is proposed to construct a procedure of selecting regional information systems for financing from the regional budget.


information system, informatization of the region, total cost of ownership, integral discounted cost of information system, results of introducing information system.

PP. 76-88.

DOI 10.14357/20718632230208

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