Applied aspects in informatics
O.A. Slavin, E.S. Grin The concept of protection of intellectual property obtained using virtual and augmented reality technologies
Risk management and safety
System analysis in medicine and biology
O.A. Slavin, E.S. Grin The concept of protection of intellectual property obtained using virtual and augmented reality technologies

In this paper, we consider the possibilities of modern virtual and augmented reality (AVR) technologies, and list the problems that impede the use of AVR technologies. Models of intellectual property objects that can be obtained using AVR are proposed. The general and special ways of protecting intellectual property rights are analyzed. Preventive measures for the protection of intellectual property objects that can be obtained using AVR are listed.


virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual reality helmet, immersiveness, virtual object, Terms of Service, Data Rights Management.

PP. 3-11.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279200201

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