System diagnostics of socio-economic processes
Economic problems of natural monopolies
N.I. Belousova, E.M. Vasilieva Natural Monopoly Activity Indicators: Theoretic and Applied Aspects of Analysis
Evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects
N.I. Belousova, E.M. Vasilieva Natural Monopoly Activity Indicators: Theoretic and Applied Aspects of Analysis


The aim of the article is to represent directions and possibilities of applied analysis on infrastructure subsystems and to form key methodological statements on appropriate applied assessment of natural monopoly activity indicators so as on theoretic-applied analysis of alternatives of strategic development in the sphere under consideration. Assessment methodology is elaborating in the context of representations of modern natural monopoly theory and requirements of state regulation practice. Thus it’s due to implementing necessary foundations of structural and investment activities measures in natural monopoly spheres, as well as research of correspondence between requires of theoretical models and possibilities of usable applied models. In a frame of brief comparative analysis the experience of structure reforms in natural monopoly spheres is represented, including the application of the theory for the economy conditions under different socio-economic systems. There are formulated key statements of theoretic-applied analysis of infrastructure subsystems using the natural monopoly activity indicators. Supplied approaches are based essentially on evaluation techniques of multiproduct total cost function and mainly oriented to taking into account technological determinants such as economy of scale, economy of density, economy of scope, average incremental costs and so on. Illustration of a number of methodological statements of analysis is represented for applied evaluation of operating and development of extra-urban regional transport network.


natural monopolies, infrastructure subsystems, natural monopoly theory, activity indicators, multiproduct total cost function, theoretical and applied models, theoretic-applied analysis, strategic development, structural and investment measures, computer experiments

PP. 69-82.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279180307


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