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A.V. Sheshkus, D.P. Matalov, V.V. Arlazarov, D.P. Nikolaev The study of the ensemble of the computer vision algorithms based on machine learning for object detection and recognition
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A.V. Sheshkus, D.P. Matalov, V.V. Arlazarov, D.P. Nikolaev The study of the ensemble of the computer vision algorithms based on machine learning for object detection and recognition


In this paper we study ensemble approach of the machine learning algorithms for object detection and classification problem. Detailed descriptions analysis of such machine learning algorithms as Viola-Jones method and image classification method using convolutional neural networks are given. The analysis of the experimental results shows applicability of the provided approach for solving complex image recognition tasks.


deep learning, Viola-Jones approach, machine vision, object detection, object classification, convolutional neural networks, ensemble of the machine learning algorithms

PP. 29-36.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279190103


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