Mathematical models of socio-economic processes
E.N. Koshkina, I.E. Bocharova Influence of Education to Social and Economic Development of the National in XVIII -XX centuries
System analysis in medicine and biology
Cognitive technology
Methods of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems
E.N. Koshkina, I.E. Bocharova Influence of Education to Social and Economic Development of the National in XVIII -XX centuries


Along with constantly changing requirements of the economy problems of native education development, high education in particular, acquire great significance and the country’s social and economic reformation depends on them. Each state connects its perspectives just with education system, as well as with maintaining and increasing scientific and intellectual potential. Regarding the history of educational system’s coming into being and developing the authors make an attempt to find answers to actual problems of the present time. It is especially important in the epoch of impetuous technological progress, when the future does not have precise guiding lines.


history of educational system, development of territories, forming territorial space, education reforms, education’s coming into being.

PP. 17-28.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279190102


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