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Soloviev A.V., Tishchenko V.A. XSL and CSS as printable version constructors in a hypertext system for NIKA DBMS
Системный анализ в медицине
Soloviev A.V., Tishchenko V.A. XSL and CSS as printable version constructors in a hypertext system for NIKA DBMS

Differences and similarities between the print version and the electronic publication of a database based on early developments related to the use of the NIKA DBMS in publishing are considered. XSL and / or CSS are considered to be an integral part of modern hypertext systems and print versions. It is concluded that the generation of NIKA database fragments in the form of XML documents containing XSL FO formatting objects or CSS style definitions for paginated output allows you to move to a qualitatively higher level of displaying NIKA database objects as PDF documents.


desktop publishing system, print version, XSLFO/CSS renderer, PDF/A document, CSS Paged Media Module Level 3, specifications for printing vertices of NIKA DB.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279200308

PP. 65-74.

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