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V.A. Tishchenko OPC-trie: specification of the optimal classifier for the NIKA DBMS
Mathematical models of socio-economic processes
Recognition of images
V.A. Tishchenko OPC-trie: specification of the optimal classifier for the NIKA DBMS

It is postulated that PATRICIA-trie is a method to build a multilevel index, along with the standard method to build an index as an alphabetical list of keys in the NIKA database. A schema for definition data for a multilevel index, which is built for an index attribute, is presented. The optimal compressed OPC-trie prefix tree is determined. OPC-trie is considered as a specification of an alphabetical classifier for vertices of the NIKA database array type.


PATRICIA-trie, OPC-trie, specification of an optimal alphabetical classifier

PP. 67-71.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279210108

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