System diagnostics socio-economic processes
E.N. Koshkina, I.E. Bocharova, E.R. Orlova On Federal Territory and New Education Project
Macrosystem dynamics
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E.N. Koshkina, I.E. Bocharova, E.R. Orlova On Federal Territory and New Education Project

Over a year ago in the Imeretensky lowland of Sochi, Krasnodarsky region of Russia, a federal territory having its own structure of power and economy, was formed. It is remarkable, that the territory created round the investment project on revelation and development of young talents, though repeating principles of forming innovation scientific and technological centres and territories of outstripping social and economic development, along with it, constitutes a public-legal formation that has got common to the whole state strategic importance. In the article analysis is conducted on development of the federal territorey itself, including from legal point of view, as well as on a new education project and possibilities of spreading its experience to other subjects of the Russian Federation.


federal territory, education sphere, development of talents, scientific and technological development, Sirius, fund “Talent and Success”, regional centres of talents revelation, regional development.

PP. 30-38.

DOI: 10.14357/20790279220203

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