Data mining and image recognition
N.S. Skoryukina, A.N. Milovzorov, D.V. Polevoy, V.V. Arlazarov Paintings recognition in uncontrolled conditions using one-shot learning
Intellectual systems and technologies
Image and signal processing
N.S. Skoryukina, A.N. Milovzorov, D.V. Polevoy, V.V. Arlazarov Paintings recognition in uncontrolled conditions using one-shot learning


The paper considers the problem of paintings identification in photos acquired with mobile devices under the conditions of museum exhibition. The proposed approach is based on compact description of an image with a constellation of keypoints and corresponding local descriptors. Two-step comparison scheme is described for finding the best reference image matching the query. Bag-of-features approach is used as a first step, then mutual disposition of points is analyzed. Rejection of the query is performed if no suitable matches are found. Geometrical normalization of the query image is proposed to achieve higher robustness against scale and viewpoint variations. Advantages of the described approach over state-of-the-art solutions are considered. The results of the experiments conducted on the open WikiArt dataset are presented along with processing times for different hardware platforms.


paintings recognition, feature points, image processing.

PP. 5-14. 

DOI: 10.14357/20790279180501


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