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Mathematical modeling of ecological-economic systems
A.V. Shatrov Modeling of influence of aerosol impurity from the local distributed sources on the environment
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A.V. Shatrov Modeling of influence of aerosol impurity from the local distributed sources on the environment


Problems of environmental protection (EP) demand a research of processes of transfer, local concentration of types of pollutants (P) in various environments. For this purpose the main means – creation of the models allowing estimating and predicting respectively processes of pollution of EP and scales of possible consequences. In creation of this work on the basis of the developed mathematical models and complexes of programs of system of the analysis and control of a condition of atmospheric streams around a funeral and use of burying garbage of solid waste and also the large enterprises in the territory of the Kirov region it is provided. In models of work of transfer of an aerosol as atmospheric streams from the local distributed sources of pollution are offered. The model in quasi two-dimensional approach gives distribution of concentration of impurity, fields of flow and temperatures. It is shown that near big cities “thermal spots” are formed. Importance of influence of thermal heterogeneity of the extending surface in mesolarge-scale on atmospheric processes is noted. Calculations are executed on the basis of data for the cities of Kirov and Kirovo-Chepetsk and can be used in the regional control system of the environment.


mathematical modeling, processes of transfer of aerosols impurity, boundary layer.

PP. 68-71.


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